Welcome to the web portal for the Barony of the Steppes!

Update: 04.15.14
Steppes Warlord XLI site has been updated with minor updates! More information on Merchants coming soon! If you are a Merchant and would like to merch at this years Warlord, please check out the Merchant page , HERE Steppes Officers page has now been updated! We have several offices open! Please check them out! We welcome our new Senechal Domingo de la Vega!

Update: 04.14.14
Steppes Warlord XLI site has been updated as well as Queen's Champion!

Update: 04.02.14
Steppes Warlord XLI site has been updated and is now open! Officers has been updated! Please check your information and email the webminister if there are any changes.

Update: 03.02.14
Check out the Events page for information on Queens Champion!

Update: 02.20.14
Be sure to check out the Calendar for March 2nd for information on our upcoming mini tournament, "One More Day to Play" in celebration of the new Baroness! Click Here to see!

Update: 01.05.14
The newsletter has been updated, and we would like to take a moment to welcome our new Baroness, Honorable Lady Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva. Happy New Year to the greatest Barony in the Kingdom!

Update: 12.12.13
The Twelfth Night site has been updated, and now includes the link to the ACCEPS page. Be sure to check it out, along with the newly updated Officers page.

Update: 10.03.13
Looking for the October Steppes Letter? You can get it now on the Newsletter page!

Update: 09.19.13
The temperatures have dropped down at last and Sunday Rapier Practices are out of recess! You can check out the calendar for more information...

Update: 09.15.13
Calendar updated, and in case you missed the September Steppes Letter, you can check it out now on the Newsletter page.

Update: 08.21.13
Are you new to the Barony of the Steppes? Be sure to stop by the Frequently Asked Questions page, and to check out how you can get started on our updated Get Involved section!

Update: 07.31.13
Please check out the brand new Newsletter page, which will show you the most recent newsletter, as well as let you download them in PDF format for your own use! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these, which you can find at get.adobe.com/reader.

Update: 07.14.13
The schedule has been added to the Artisan pages..

Update: 07.11.13
The Steppes Officers page has been updated, so officers please check your contact info. Also, the Artisan site has been updated with new merchant info and details on the Brownie Competition.

Update: 07.07.13
Events skeleton page done.

Update: 07.06.13
Website basics done, banner done.