· Youth Combat

Youth Combat (Boffer) will take place at Warlord on Saturday. Youth tournament to run congruent with the adult Warlord tournament. Youth Combat finals will be fought between the semifinals and finals of the adult Warlord tournament.  Prior to, and after the Youth tournament, there will be lots of fun and frivolity on the youth field.  Bring your best game, your best attitude and your best ideas (the marshals have a quite a few, but bring more!).  

 Youth Rapier Tourney at Steppes Warlord this year. In order for the fighter to sign into the list, the Rose must either be present with her fighter, or the fighter must have a letter from the Rose asking for the fighter’s entry into the list. It is our hope to encourage our future, the youth, by connecting them to the inspiration of our kingdom, the Roses. Youth Rapier fighters –   go find a Rose!!!!  Roses – please seek out a youth fighter!  It is my understanding that Roses will also be available at the list – no one will be left out.

 If anyone needs authorization and/or loaner gear please contact HL Alexandra Notte Clare ASAP so that plenty of gear can be packed. If you are interested in becoming a youth marshal please let us know and we can do that too!  

Yours in Service,

- Duquesa Valeria Richila Navarro, Rose Ansteorrae

- Lady Alexandra Notte Clare, Central Regional Youth Combat Marshal, Youth Rapier Marshal, at large


· Brewing Contest

The annual Steppes Warlord Brewing competition, sponsored by the Steppes Loose Association of Brewers (SLAB), will be held Saturday, May 27th at Warlord. Bring your ale/beer, wine, cider, or mead entries to the Baronial Pavilion at 3pm. Judging will be after the Warlord competition but before court. We will be using the Kingdom A&S Judging form. Documentation (recipes, period information, etc.) is not required, but may add some points to your entry. Drop your entries off with Baroness Rosemund (Susanna) or any member of the SLAB under the pavilion after 3pm. We will have a cooler to store your entry if need be. Please email if you want to judge this competition or if you want to turn in your entry early or need a pickup somewhere on site.


· Musicians

More information coming soon!


· Artisans Enclave

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· Embroidery Competition

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