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Steppes Warlord Chivalric Tournament

Since last year's revival of the three-tiered tournament was a great success, it will be repeated this year. Everyone starts off in the top level tournament and it is at this level that the new Steppes Warlord will be determined. Once a fighter has been eliminated from this level, they may participate in the second tier if they are a Grant level chiv fighter or lower. Un-belted fighters who are eliminated from the second tier may move on to the third tier.

Steppes Rapier Champion Tournament

As with the chivalric tournament, this will be a three-tiered tournament where everyone can compete in the top tier, the second tier is Grant level and below and the final tier is for un-scarfed fighters.

Steppes Archery Champion Competition

There will be several archery shoots. Details coming soon!

New to Warlord this year! Siege Engine Competition

Bring your own siege engine or use a loaner if you want to compete and don't have your own. Your team will aim for certain targets to gain points and avoid hitting other targets, which will subtract from your score. If you aren't already siege authorized you will be required to go through a quick safety briefing and demonstration before the competition.